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Exhibition model MILIEU pendant lamp Warm Nordic Jo Hammerborg

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Exhibition model Milieu in white/gold.

The Milieu series was originally designed in 1975 by renowned Danish lighting designer Jo Hammerborg, who was responsible for a large number of original lamps that have achieved classic status over time - many of them based on the soft organic lines. The beautiful Milieu Mini Colour pendant lamp floats lightly and elegantly in the room, as if it were a celestial body in the heavenly space that Jo Hammerborg was so fascinated by. The pendant lamp is shaped like a hemisphere and is a multi-layered lamp design that creates a beautiful, glare-free light effect. The original design is inspired by Jo Hammerborg's passion for flying and skydiving: the individual layers unfold beautifully like a parachute, and the pendant lamp has a distinctive harmony and lightness that makes it a true design classic. Milieu Mini Colour is available in a single-colour version in Clear White, which underlines the floating and light design of the design. As a tribute to Jo Hammerborg's love of shiny metals, the Milieu Mini Colour pendant lamp is available in this exclusive two-part version, where the multiple layers of the shade are made of solid brushed brass.

L29 x D29 x H21.5